Sjal ned håndlavet sjal grå, tætte, 1.30 Sjal ned håndlavet sjal grå, tætte, 1.30

Sjal ned håndlavet sjal grå, tætte, 1.30

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Mærke: INGEN

  • Tags: fjer sjal, denso iridium, pels sjal, sjal, Tørklæde, iridium tændrør, poncho women, denso, denso plug, iridium plug.

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    • Klauselmer

      Photo of a girl who has a handkerchief on her head, look at her shoulder at the bottom-a scarf so whole, that is, it is not completely dense, an openwork base is visible. The second photo, in general, does not seem-the scarf is not so tight. Unfortunately, before he could get a picture of the man who came, he washed the fool with a push, hoping that the scarf would become more dense, the scarf turned into a bow made of felt, which confirms the quality-exactly wool, not synthetics. Wool is not prickly, the scarf is pleasant to the touch, but, I repeat, not so warm, as in the second photo. If I do not find a warmer one, I will order this one again.

    • Vikavitia

      The scarf is not quality. From him, wool is climbing, all around its lascuty

    • Freakindrumsgosh

      The scarf is resistant, namely, the knitting is very rare. On the basis of, there is almost no down thread, the Pooh is combed on one side of the scarf, which, when touched, remains on the hand. I 've never seen such knitted down scarves. When buying I thought that the seller has a conscience and will not deceive his customers, I think he wouldn't buy that handkerchief himself. Definitely do not take from this seller, deception.

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